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Carla Marie

Carla Marie was once told by a former boss that she gets “too excited” over everything – she took it as a great compliment. She’s “too excited” about her cats, exploring new cities, going to concerts, being with her friends, and supporting small businesses. She comes from a large Italian family in New Jersey where, if you’re not screaming no one can hear you. Carla Marie got her start in media in 2009 at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show where she also launched a podcast with her now business and life partner, Anthony. Carla Marie entered the sports world in September of 2022 when she became the in-game host for the Seattle Seahawks. Carla Marie loves hosting whether it’s video, audio, or in person events. Throughout her career, she’s set out  to break the mold for women in media. If she’s not cuddling with her cats she’s either at the gym or visiting a national park!