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Our Story

Carla Marie and Anthony met in 2009 while working for Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. They became friends and five years later decided to launch their a podcast. In 2014, they began hosting a weekly podcast, MyDayFriday, to get better on air skills. It paid off because they landed their own radio morning show in Seattle in 2016. They road tripped from New Jersey to Washington where they created The Carla Marie and Anthony Show. After building a loyal community on the air, Carla Marie and Anthony were let go from their radio jobs in 2020. Two days later they took everything digital and built their own business. They now produce The Carla Marie and Anthony Show live on YouTube and Twitch. They create a daily podcast, The Morning Show Podcast, always under 25 minutes and has everything you need to start your day.  They’ve also launched their own apparel line with their favorite saying, “You Look Great!” Oh, and somewhere along this journey they started dating. They are most proud of the community they’ve created and feel so fulfilled when their community interacts with one another and even hangs out together!a very large and very loud family. But over the last eight years, Seattle has been home to

Anthony. When he’s not at the gym, nerding-out on history docs, watching Seton Hall Basketball games or adding to his Nintendo collection, Anthony likes to hit the road or take to the skies and travel as much as possible.

Favorite destinations: Anywhere he can snowboard or grab a drink by the beach.